9 reasons you should get your child into cricket

I think as parents we all know some of the short and long-term benefits of getting your child involved in playing sport, and from as young as possible the better. But when you are trying to decide out of all the sports available which one will suit your child it can be a little overwhelming and there are a few things to consider.

We might be a little bias, but we think cricket is the perfect all-round sport for kids to play, so we have put together a list of our Top 9 reasons you should get your child playing cricket next season.

1. Great for physical fitness

Cricket is a great all-round sport using all parts of the body. Whether you are batting, bowling or fielding, kids get a great little workout and will definitely come home worn out.

2. Great for mental fitness and building resilience

Cricket is a game of skill and endurance, both things which will challenge young (and adult) minds alike.  There are lots of highs and lows throughout a game of cricket, all of which contribute to helping build resilience in kids.

3. Improve hand-eye co-ordination and developing motor skills

We run sessions for kids as young as 5, so if your child is struggling with their motor skill development, cricket has many activities which promote and develop things like hand-eye co-ordination and concentration. These activities are super fun and can be easily replicated at home in the backyard.

4. Promotes inclusion and learning to be a part of a team

If you don’t realise it now, playing team sports are great for building a child’s social skills and helping them to navigate playing and interacting with others.  The experiences they have playing cricket are invaluable in shaping their communication and listening skills not only as kids, but will help them as they become teenagers and adults.

5. Encourages families to become a part a community

Joining club sports are a great way for families to become a part of their local community. If you are new to town or have been here for years, you are guaranteed to meet new faces and some who could easily become lifelong friends.  Being involved in our club through volunteering is also a great way to give back to your community.

6. It’s a non-contact sport

As much we love our footy here in Townsville (GO COWBOYS!), some parents and kids just don’t love the high contact nature of the game.  Whilst we can’t say that a player is never going to be injured playing cricket, as being hit by a ball is always a possibility, cricket by definition is a non-contact sport. Once kids are playing competitively, there is safety equipment that is required to be worn to reduce the chance of injury. Our under 10 Woolworths Cricket Blast program also uses plastic bats and soft balls.

7. Encourages parents to engage and be active with their kids

Kids love getting outside, and sometimes as parents we may struggle and just not want to do it.  BUT, playing outside with your kids doesn’t need to be a chore.  Heading outside to the sunshine and fresh air, and interacting with your child as a part of a positive experience, is not only great for the child, it is great for you.  It allows you to practice positive communication with your child, bond with them, teach them things and get some physical activity yourself. All of which are great things.  Do this daily with your child and see what happens.

8. Can be played all year round

Whilst cricket is predominantly a Summer sport, here in Townsville we are lucky to have gorgeous Winters so getting outside and playing at home or heading down to your local community cricket net is easy.

9. Learn respect of others and promotes sportsmanship

One of the core values around the game of cricket is positive sportsmanship. Learning how to play with integrity and respect for the opposition, umpires and cricket community are important values kids are taught when playing cricket.


So what did you think?  Have we convinced you yet? There are honestly lots more reasons why you should get your child in to cricket, so if you are thinking you would like to give it a go, contact us today or sign up for our next Woolworths Cricket Blast program.


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