Woolworths Cricket Blast

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to get your 5-10 year old active and outdoors?

Cricket Australia and Woolworths have partnered to create the Woolworths Cricket Blast Program. This fantastic initiative gives all children the opportunity to get outdoors, be active, make new friends and learn some cricket skills.

The Woolworths Cricket Blast involves two programs Rookies (5-7years) and Challengers (7-10 years). Each program offers age and skill based cricket activities in a fun social setting. The weekly sessions are held during school Term 4 and Term 1 at our Brothers Cricket Clubhouse (Junior Blasters) and Riverway Stadium, Townsville (Master Blasters).

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9 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Child in to Cricket

Cricket is a fantastic sport to get your child and family involved in.The health and social benefits are endless....


Get Active and Have Fun with Woolworths Cricket Blast

Our twins love the Junior Blasters program at Brothers. They have so much fun and the sessions are really well run. It is great to get them outside and being active. We usually get fish and chips from the shop next door after. It's a Friday night ritual when the program is running.

A friend told us about the Master Blasters program as our 9 year old son was wanting to play cricket. This program was a great way for him to try it and see if he liked it (which he did) and then we joined the under 11 team here at Brothers and haven't looked back.

My husband played cricket as a junior and we wanted our daughter to get out and have a go to. She is 6 and has so much fun. It has really helped her co-ordination and Chris Horn does an excellent job running the sessions.He is an asset to the club and the kids.


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